Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brocab. Get yer Learn on...

Lets start at the top...

"Bro.cabulary" (see also "Brocab"): words used near or around bros. A way of fitting in with the bros.

Its great...its awesome... BRO words that you can share with your friends whenever you may happen upon a "brodeo".

a few examples off the top of my head:

Brodeo: a gathering of bro's ex: " I am so stoked for the Brodeo at the XGames this year"

Bro-Away: A bit of a stretch, but it is basically something you might say to a bro that is in on an unwelcomed bromance with you ex: "Bro, I don't want to listen to Dave Matthews and plax X Box, BRO-AWAY!!!"

Bromance: a loving relationship between two bros..not gay though...(similar to a man crush...straight dudes can have man crushes) ex: "I really love that dude...hes a real fact I think there might be a bit of a bromance in the works."

Bromania: the country where most Bro's want to reside...

Broseph: the long extended version of BRO.

Broseph Smith: the founder of the Bro-man Religion...

Bro-Mans: They may come to your house dressed in Tall Tees with their face covered in a Neff Neck Rag....don't worry, they are known to be really really nice...almost scarey nice! ex: Why do Bro-mans always travel in two and wear Bike helmets?

Bramen Noodles: the food of choice of a Bro. They are like 15 cents a piece and you can nuke em. Ex: "Bro, I spent all my money on Visor Beanies, all I can afford to eat is Bramen Noodles."

Bro.keback Mountain: What happens when the Bromance goes too far...

Brohemian Rhapsody: the anthem of all the bros! When it comes to the headbanging part look around the bar and count the bros doing any sort of Wayne's World Reference...

Bro ho's: The ladies that tend to cling to Bro's...often strippers. (especially the MX Bro Ho's)

Bro.nanza: similar to a Brodeo, but can be used to described bro situations as well. Ex: "what! Tall tees 50% off...its a real Bronanza!" or "I am up to my eyeballs in this Bronanza, I think I am sick of Sniagrab."

Bronesia: When you forget a bro's real name and you call him "Bro." Ex: "What up Shawn G?!? What up...uh...Bro?"

Skate-rosexual: although this word doesn't have BRO in it, it is a great word meaning the type of bro that is very focused on what to wear, how to wear it in order to be a skate bro.

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